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We’re dedicated to introducing new, innovative, and highly-efficient products to fisheries around the world. Our number one goal is to ensure product freshness by maintaining the pristine condition of the fish – from boat to the consumer.

We manufacture the highest quality materials for the commercial fishing industry, giving the boat owners, Captains and deckhands, the edge needed to work longer hours.

Picking Hooks

The Right Tool

For THE job

Pickin Hooks over the last century were carved and made personally to one’s hand and shape.

At Macondray Fish Company, we acquired the hand carved “Picks of the Masters” and began replicating the shapes of a few of the true master pickin’ hook carvers.


2 types of picking hooks:

The Swede & The Ed

A versatile tool that is used by gillnet fisherman to help in the aid of removing salmon from the net and to also help move fish around deck and into the brailers.

The Picking Hook helps to alleviate stress and soreness on the hand and fingers.

Apparel & More

Clothes that keep

You dry & Warm

  • Sweatshirts

  • Tee Shirts

  • Boot Bandz

  • Crayfish Kit

Custom clothing made tough and able to stand up to whatever mother nature can throw your way.

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