Orca Skin Gloves

Orca Skin Gloves

-100% waterproof
– Double reinforced thumb crotch
– High quality, tough rubber gloves
– Chemical resistant
– Flexible in cold temperatures
– Superior grip

If your hands are not being protected by ORCA SKIN GLOVES, your hands are NOT protected!!! Period!!!


The Orca Skin Gloves

Tough gloves named after the fierce and most feared mammal in the oceans of the world, the Orca (or Killer Whale) has some of the toughest skin in the world.

Macondray Fish Company has tapped into that power and toughness to bring you the “Orca Skin gloves”. The ergonomically designed, flexibility and comfort in both cold and warm climates makes the “Orca Skin Glove” the best commercial fishing glove in the industry.

Only the highest quality materials are used creating the gloves, and this gives them a superior grip that some say is the best grip of any gloves in the world.

These gloves are the perfect gloves for the rough, touch, and unpredictable conditions of the commercial fishing industry.

Fishery suggestions: Salmon, Cod, Herring, Mahi-Mahi, Baitfish, shrimp Etc.

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