Ed Picking Hook

Ed Picking Hook

Our most popular model

Ergonomically fitted to your hand

Easy to hold

Comfortable in small hands and big meat paws

Carved and used By Ed Walvatne, A 50-year seasoned vet of Bristol Bay


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The Ed Pickin' Hook

Our most popular model, ergonomically fitted to your hand. Making for a comfortable easy to hold Pickin Hook. Great and comfortable in small hands and big meat paws.

Carved and used By Ed Walvatne, A 50-year seasoned vet of Bristol Bay and a true character. A humble man with an infectious laugh, one that could make all in the room start to laugh without even knowing the joke.

Ed’s nickname was the “Lonely Maytag Man”. He would fish where no one else was and more often than not, come home loaded to the gunnel rails, a fishy man as some would say.

The pickin’ hook is a versatile tool that is used by gillnet fisherman to help in the aid of removing salmon from the net. Also to help move fish around deck and into the brailers. The Pickin Hook helps to alleviate stress and soreness on the hand and fingers.

Pickin Hooks over the last century were carved and made personally to one’s hand and shape. With the advent of composite materials, Macondray Fish Company saw the opportunity to help. We acquired the hand carved Picks of the masters and began replicating the shapes of a few of the true master pickin’ hook carvers.

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