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Commercial Fishing Gear

We’re dedicated to introducing new, innovative, and highly-efficient products to fisheries around the world.

Our number one goal is to ensure product freshness by maintaining the pristine condition of the fish – from boat to the consumer – in hopes of YOUR customers enjoying some of the freshest, healthiest and best bounty from the seas and oceans of the world.

At Macondray Fish Company, we offer many custom commercial fishing products to help you and your crew be more efficient while working on the high seas. Macondray Fish Company is at the forefront of designing a wide range of custom built commercial fishing products.

We manufacture  the highest quality materials for the commercial fishing industry, giving the boat owners, Captains and deckhands, the edge needed to work longer hours.

Best Sellers

Orca Skin Gloves

Macondray Fish Company has tapped into the power and toughness of the Orca Whale to bring you our Commercial Grade “Orca Skin Gloves”.

Named after the fierce, most feared mammal in the oceans of the world. The Orca or Killer whale, has some of the toughest skin in the world.

Picking Hooks

A versatile tool that is used by gillnet fisherman to help in the aid of removing salmon from the net and to also help move fish around deck and into the brailers.

The Picking Hook helps to alleviate stress and soreness on the hand and fingers.

Boot Bands Small Image

Boot Bands

Tough silicone bands, ready for the toughest days at sea to cinch down your rain gear and prevent the elements from getting in.
Throw away the rubber bands of yesteryear that only lasted for a few months! Our custom built Boot Bandz are guaranteed for years of use.

watch Our Picking hooks in action

Need gear for you or your entire crew?

We provide bulk ordering

Take a look at our gear! We got what you need when on the high seas and every day in between!  Whether it’s for you, or your entire crew, we have what you need.

Custom Orca Skin gloves, durable picking hooks, and much more. All our products are made tough and able to stand up to whatever mother nature can throw your way.

Stay warm and dry so you can be effective, efficient and earn more with our Boot Bands and apparel!

  • Custom tools built tough!
  • Competitive pricing on all items.
  • Buy in bulk and save $$$
  • Wholesale pricing available.

Spend $50 or More

Get 1 Pair Boot Bandz

Stay warm, stay dry – ALL DAY LONG